Saturday, July 28, 2012

adam's new toy!

husband got a new toy tonight!
wanna see?

'cause even if you don't, you're gunna! :)

he got an Apple TV!
and we did the new OS X Mountain Lion update on our MAC. 

we love our APPLE products.
expensive? yes. 
worth it? definitely.
and not because it's 'what's cool' or something... it's because THEY LAST. 

seriously, why fix it if it's not broken... we use it until it can't be used anymore (most times). 
look, when you get the opportunity for a $20 iPad from brother, you better take it (even if you don't need it)!

plus... as far as the Apple TV goes, we've been deciding whether to sign a contract with Direct TV (we need our college football this fall)... we didn't renew the last time we signed up with them for a couple reasons...

1. they told husband it would be $XX.XX amount & it ended up being like over double or something insane.
2. he called in to have them switch it... tried talking to the lady & she was extremely rude...and confused.
3. adam got transferred to the manager & guess what? THEY HUNG UP ON HIM. 

now, please tell me... who would want to give a company like that their business? not we. SO, with Apple TV, you are able to like, 'flick' whatever is on your MAC or iPod/iPad onto your, we figure we can buy the 'sports pass' (excuse me, i don't know what everything is called like hubs)...and then 'flick' it onto our big screen. BAM. 

plus, Apple has always given great customer service (knock on wood) & their products are great.
AND brother bear, Jarryd, is always SUPERSMART & HELPFUL with Apple products. 

too much eye make-up above & thinkin' 'oh well'...
remembering that husband told me my eyes looked like a fairies' (like Tinker Bell or a little pixie)...
lovin' our new toys...
knowing we're blessed...

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