Thursday, July 12, 2012

i can't get no...satisfaction.

came across this little diddy over at The Olive Tree; she's awesome bee.tee.dubs...

she does this 'devotional wednesday' and ALWAYS finds the best(est) little picture things! seriously...

and what an amazing reminder of truth. have you ever read The Purpose Driven Life? sadly, i usually start books & it takes FOREVER to finish... but adam & i did a study on this for a while together (***sidenote: it was when we were just's amazing to get another's perspective...i just knew he was the one...even from the beginning when we did things like this together...random, i know...***) anyways, it makes an analogy somewhere along the lines of this:

an invention cannot tell you it's purpose; only the inventor can. we are God's 'inventions'; and He is our inventor, so there is where our purpose lies...

something to think about as this week comes to a close... i know this was a good reminder for me.

have you found your purpose? i wanna hear below! :) 


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