Saturday, July 21, 2012

clear scalp & hair care review!

okay! the reason that i was even going to post this is because i did not like this product. boo. but now that i am looking, i think that i am using the 'wrong' one... 

they're like $4 or $5 at wal-mart...something like that & i had a $2 off coupon, i think? 
or atleast try the right one, jacie.

i tried the one on the far right:
now, everywhere that i look, i see it advertised with black people... not to say that white people can't use it, but i wonder if the gold bottles are for much more brittle & dry hair or something? i don't you? please HELP if you do know...

anyways, for me... i do not like it... at all. it's not me trying to complain, either... it's just giving you an honest 'review' of the product... but ONLY the balm... i only assume that the shampoo & conditioner would be just fine...

the reason i'm not a huge fan is because it makes your hair completely oily feeling/looking/etc. and i guess my first hint should have been the word 'balm'. ugh. silly jacie -- PAY MORE ATTENTION! but i didn't, so here we are! 

it is SO hard to put on... so thick... and maybe it's because i have thin, fine hair, but it almost pulled & i couldn't get anywhere with it. i massaged it in as best i could (trying to just hit my scalp at first), but just couldn't control it... too tough. 
i just got annoyed. 

so for me... i will not be purchasing it again... 

maybe if they have another coupon sometime, i'll try the shampoo & conditioner, but until then... i'm stuck trying to give this away to a friend to try & see if they like it! any takers? :)

i HAVE heard TONS OF GOOD THINGS, though... 
so that's partially why i think i picked the wrong one... sad face.


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