Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cheap clothes coupons! :)

have you guys heard of Pretty Providence? They are these two gals, jessica & sarah, and let me tell you... they find the best deals & are so eager to share them on their site! you should check them out, too! 

anyways, their newest treasure are some awesome coupons from target! and get this, some of these coupons are okay to use on clearance... so hey, if you can get a shirt from target for less than you would from goodwill, go get 'em, tiger! 

go ahead, print them off here and don't forget to say hi & thank jessica & sarah! :) 

bargain shopper ol' jacie-mc-gee

PS, while you're busy bargain hunting, you may want to visit the sites i have listed on THIS post for lots of freebies! :) 


  1. Jacie! Thanks so much for the shout out! We love finding friends who share our interest. It's such an important principle to learn to be financially smart ad the challenge just makes shopping even more fun! Keep up the frugalness :)


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