Saturday, July 28, 2012

darling SATURDAY!

happy last-saturday-in-july, my lovies!
i hope that JULY 2012 (crazy, right) has been great for you!

mine has been crazy!

-lost my job-
-gained 10 (or so) new blog followers-
-wished those followers 'happy days'...more than once...or twice!-
-got really sick & achy-
-been married for over 9 months (hollar!)-
-learned lots of DIY stuff-
-got lots of iPad paintings from hubs that i adore-
-hunted high & low for a new job (that'd id actually semi-want)-

lots of other stuff that would make this list much longer!

oh, how i miss these boots. found 'em at AMI Clubwear... a place with (some) trashy clothes, but cheap shoes & accessories - BAM!!!
sad though, i can't find them. they were like $10 dolla-dolla. and i wore the bottoms out of em'...literally. husband made me throw 'em away. no, really. they were real bad though... and i think i had already thrown 'em in the trash & then got them back out. :) he really does try to keep my hygiene in check (it can lack at times because sometimes... i get layzay!).

and our shoesies.

our matching tux shirts. 
our engagement pictures were the funnest!
my shoes from a church drive & FREEBIES!

now for a family reunion!
hope your saturday is WOWOWONDERFUL!

loves & blessings, 

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