Wednesday, July 11, 2012


sooo... i found this AWESOME IDEA at Fellow Fellow... they seriously have some of the cutest, daintiest ideas... and you bet your bottom dollar that i will be making some of these bad boys from now on... maybe for MY ETSY SHOP, perhaps? :) :) :) 
follow along BELOW! :) 
Here’s what you’ll need:
- Pincers
- Buttons
- Flat-top tacks
- Hot glue gun

Step 1.
If your buttons have a shank on the back of them, use the pincers to cut it off as close as possible to the base.
Step 2.
Heat up your hot glue gun (careful if there are kids around!), position your button with the back facing up. Working quickly, squeeze a spot of hot glue onto the head of a tack and press the tack down firmly into the middle of the back of the button. Hold until it’s mostly set.
Step 3.
Wait until they’re fully cooled before using them… then get pin-crazy! Cute right?!
SO... if you end up making these, i HAVE to know how they turn out... otherwise, maybe i will get up to doing my own DIY someday & will show you the ones i made!!! :) 


  1. These are so cute! I wanna give them a shot! :) Thanks so much for sharing! :) You are so awesome

    1. aren't those adorable? plus i collect buttons, so BAM. i still need to do these! so much more satisfaction making, than buying!


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