Thursday, July 19, 2012

you & me.

love my hunnie...he's not feeling so hot tonight & i wish that i could take away all his icky-feeling-ness... but i can't! do you ever have that? for those of you who have kiddos, i'm sure you feel that way a lot... when they're just so miserable! :(

so, any prayers that you would like to pray for husband would be appreciated! 
and he's having a procedure tomorrow, so any prayers for that will be appreciated, too!

a + j = love

one of the first times i remember hearing this song, You & Me, by Lifehouse, was at my brother's wedding...and you know what i remember thinking? 

i miss adam.
i wish adam was here.
i love adam.
i'm going to marry adam.
i want to date adam.

and why wasn't he there you ask? because... we were still at the "2nd-time-around" friend-stage (stay tuned for 'our love story')... i had gotten out of another relationship a few months prior & i was taking my time. but i knew it, i knew he was the one. 

leaving you hanging, 

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