Monday, July 16, 2012

looky, looky! I'VE BEEN FEATURED! :)

i am excited right now, you guys! :) 
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Featured Seller/Product Review: Jaceland

Do you love bright colors? Love bold jewelry? Affordable prices? Feeling girly? If you answered YES to any of these, you need to go shopping right now, at Jaceland! 

Jacie, the owner of Jaceland, started her Etsy shop because she wanted to be the one to bring sunshine into peoples days. She makes and sells anything that makes her smile, anything for the typical girly girl whether it be glitter and sequins or bright colors and neons. She is married to the love of her life and is a momma to two beautiful dogs. At this time she works full time but eventually her goal is to have her etsy shop become her primary job so that one day she can fufill her dream of being a stay at home mom. Aside from being a wife, a full time employee and an Etsy shop owner, Jacie is also a blogger. You can see check out her blog and follow it by clicking HERE

When I recieved my package in the mail from Jaceland I was excited to find a whole array of goodies to play with and test out! I love the products at Jaceland because Jacie really takes the time to show what her product is about. She takes fun and crazy pictures of herself modeling whatever it is she is showcasing, which in my opinion gives you a great idea of what it may look like on YOU, that way you can make a good decision about whether or not it is something you would like to buy. Aside from having fun and girly items for sale, Jaceland is super affordable which is great for us fashionistas on a budget. You can still have adorable accessories for a great price and you won't feel guilty for buying two, three, four or even five or more things at a time. I have a bunch of things to review for you so lets get to it!! 

The first thing I noticed when I opened my package was a personalized necklace. What I loved about the necklace is that it is two different colors, the chain being pink and the A being aqua! I love it because when I pair colors together, it's usually pink and aqua (or mint!) that get paired together. So right off of the bat I know that this necklace will get a lot of use!! It is light weight, has a sturdy clasp and will go great with even my neutral outfits. 

Sparkles!! Who doesn't love sparkles right? What I love about the flower clip that I got from Jaceland is the fact that A)It's covered in gold sparkles and B) Not only can it be used as a hair clip but you can also pin it onto your favorite bag, clothing, etc. It's multifunctional and SO sparkly!!! 

Looking for a ring thats big, bold and bright? Perhaps a little over the top too? Then this ring is for you. It's made of hard plastic so its durable, it's bright colored so it will for sure stand out and it is sure to attract a compliment or two while you're showing her off. 

Something that I've been really into lately are earrings. I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby, my mom got them done when I was 3 months so for a good part of my teenage and adult life I took earrings for granted. I never wore them, in fact, I hated wearing earrings and only did so when it was necessicary. Recently I've gotten back into them and I was SO excited to get these from Jaceland. These green sparkle studs are vibrant, flirty and are absolute head turners. I wore them while grocery shopping the other day (my hair was up in a messy bun) and I got two compliments on them!! I was only in the store for maybe fifteen minutes, tops. 

Last but not least is perhaps my favorite product of them all. I HATE buying cards for people. I hate reading through them in the grocery store, trying to decide which boring or stupid image reflects the person that I am buying the card for. I'd much rather get something creative and more meaningful for the person I'm buying for. The cards that Jaceland has are amazing. They're front is fabric sewn in a design of your choice and the inside is blank for you to write your own message. They come in a varity of different images but I absolutely LOVE the zebra print and heart one that Jaceland gave me. I have someone in mind who will recieve this card when their birthday rolls around! 

Jaceland is funky, bright and tons of fun. Seriously, if you're looking to spice up your wardrobe with some awesome and potentially over the top accessories you do NOT want to miss out on the exclusive MCO reader's coupon code!! 

Use code MCORULES at checkout to get 10% your entire order!!! 

Click HERE to go shopping!!
Clik HERE to visit the blog Jacieland!


  1. Jacie! I love this!! You are so talented! What happened to our giveaway!? :) How in the world do you make all this cute stuff? Especially the card and the ring!

    1. good question... i was thinking about you the other day & was like, "oh my goodness... i NEED to email her, again!" i will get it worked out & i'll email you soon, my dearest! :) YAY exciting... as far as making the stuff... hmmm, i just buy the supplies & put it together like BAM! most of the cards are sewn, some are just stickers though! :) :) :)

    2. I think it is all very impressive! And I sure hope to hear from you about it! That would be perfect!!

  2. What an awesome accomplishment, SUCH cute stuff!

    Amanda at

    1. thank you, my dearest! i was sooo excited...! you should enter in to win some of it on the giveaway! :)


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