Saturday, January 26, 2013

happy saturday: MOA.

'ello loves. 

today mister husband & i went to the mall of america for a little date. it was just dashing. we had the best time together & i truly believe that those little trips are so bonding. i love day trips!

i'll tell you lots more about it later, but while i was checking emails, etsy & blog (btw, i got the best feedback on etsy email from a lady whom just bought something from me -- just topped off this wonderful day), i just thought i'd snap a couple pictures & tell you all goodnight. i still need to clean my makeup off, but then it's off the dreamsicle land for me!

i got so many good deals & didn't pay much more than $8 for anything! husband got a great treat at the lego store that...he's putting together as we speak! :) so cute. 

***that's a mess (please excuse it) & a truman-bottom in the background (they had to potty real bad & their tumtums were hungry -- see! we got home pretty recent - ha!) :)

this is what i wore to the mall today. husband bought it for me from 80's tees. pretty awesome, eh? plus, after i'd picked out what i was wearing, he picked out a bulls shirt & hoody to wear -- who even knew the bulls were playing today? answer: him, not me! :) 

anywhoosies, i'm one tired girl. we drove up this AM, we walked around the entire mall & just got home. *adam just came & showed me his free gift with purchase he just put together -- so cute*

hope you all had a great saturday & i'm sending hugs your way!
tomorrow is church & then relaxation & then adam's basketball league. i'm almost certain there will be a  harry potter nap date (i start watching HP & fall asleep). they're the best. 


Saturday, January 19, 2013

disney princes

we've talked about disney princess comics here. disney-inspired outfits here. real life disney princesses here. disney inspired eye make-up here

BUT. what about the princes? they get some of the credit for those great movies, too! 

i don't know his name, but all i can think about is that guy (off what i can only assume is mulan) is off law & order! AH. 

enjoy your weekend! 

how true it is.

this is what adam's & i's bed looks like. except flipped. :) he gets a pack of gum to sleep on while i try to kick him out still. AH. i'm sleeping & don't even realize it, i promise!

happy saturday, loves!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

when you're crying.

the snot bubble. oh, the snot bubble. this is SO funny.

i'm laughing lots tonight...i'm going to sleep so well... :)

how to discipline kids.

haha. oh adam sandler, you can be funny. 

and THIS picture. what a great idea. please tell me that your mom did something like this...! my mom never made us wear a t-shirt (although this IS going in our arsenal) like this BUT...she did have something up her sleeve. when my brother(s) & i were fighting (i only remember doing this with one brother), she'd:

 1. make us go stand in the corner (i don't remember how long or what not, but will have to ask)
2. make us tell each other that we loved each other
3. make us give each other a hug
4. make us give each other a kiss

i'm sure sometimes we would just be so irritated like the girl below, but i do remember a lot of times being like the little boy -- just giggly & laughing. probably because i was the younger one & wanted to give my big brother lots of 'icky' girl hugs & kisses. i'm sure he pushed me away. what a good trick that was, mom!

see you tomorrow! 

kids photo shoot.

...gone wrong.

another winner from b for bel!

THIS ONE CRACKS ME UP. when we have kiddos, makes me want to pose this JUST so we can have a Christmas card like this. hysterical. i mean...per kiddos. er...

is this one real? who knows. but if it is -- that's funny. oh my -- i can just see future adam pulling a stunt like this! HAHA, gotcha mom & dad! he, if it's a he...totally would.

lots of smiles & laughing at kids, 

how to decide who you marry. an 8 year old. 

seriously, b for bel has some funny stuff, usually! just thought i'd share this little diddy with you... you may've seen these type of things before, but it just cracks me up!

happy THURSDAY! who's excited for the weekend?! yahoO!

Thanksgiving 2012

so, i told you a smidgen about thanksgiving HERE... and fulfilled an 'assignment' from our pastor & told you what i was thankful for HERE... but i have a few other things to show you. 

this shirt. i just have to do a tutorial on. it was my daddy's & i made it my size. BOOYAH. also, the first time i split my hair down the middle since i was in 4th grade. BAM.

daddy-o got a new mower. it was fun to ride around on... no, i'm serious. really. it was. :)

i dig long shirts. so the fact that daddy-o's shirt was too big, meant it was going to be overly long. score.

see? told you i had fun. *sigh* oh, how i miss my small farm(ish) town. nothing beats driving an awesome mower around the lawn... without even cutting the lawn! (insert me laughing at myself now).

all the props to mommy-dearest for this! didn't she do a really cute job with the table settings? :)

this plate was for one of the little munchkins, addi-add!

and this was what us big ol' munchkins were eating off of! BEETEEDUBS, pretty sure those plates all came packaged in a box (possibly brand new) from PIER 1... and guess what? she got 'em at a garage sale! BOOYAH. see where i get my thriftiness from? smart mama!

mister husband acting goofy. :)

Thanksgiving '12. 

at adam's mama's house! that's right -- different day, SAME OUTFIT. don't care. love it! AND, i found a necklace that sort of matches the outfit that i wore! claire's for $1+tax!

me & the sistas (adam's brother's wives) & adam's mama! we're sisters & wives, but NOT sisterwives. ha! 

an amazing cake that mama d (adam's mom) made! i got to top it! wanna know how i got those walnuts on the side looking so good? I THREW 'EM like BAM! :) it was quite the mess. but delish. i'll ask for the recipe!

and this creepy doll. the picture doesn't do it justice. it gave me anxiety that trip. really need to put it back in the back closet. seriously.

adorable husband playing with his love, legos. they had $30 boxes for $15 at wal-mart, so we got 2 boxes & brother-bear got 2 boxes. score. 

i wore this another day on our thanksgiving trip.
chambray shirt for $3.59 at GOODWILL. booyah. 
jersey infinity scarf $4-$5 from PACSUN. booyah. 
earrings around $20 from YOUNKERS
(40% off -- i had a giftcard & had been eyeing these babies up ever since my niece pulled my favorites out of my ear (accidentally --she was 2)! 

*sideblurb* totally pays to be patient. i wanted those earrings & was like, "hey! i have a gift card!" but didn't want to spend $40 or whatever on 'em. yeah, that's not much, but i wanted a better deal. waited a few days & like BAM! i went back & they had them 40% off for the next few days. SCORE. 

and these were some of the things we made with adam's new toys... while watching SVU, of course!

'nother look at the outfit. score 'cause it matched my blue eyes!

hope your thanksgivings were great!
sorry, this post is late. part of the reason i'm blogging is so when we have kiddos they can see 'back in the day', so even though it's late... i wanted to get it up here! you might be seeing lots of that! :) 


love this skirt.

found it on b for bel!

happy thursday, everyone! 
it's SO almost the weekend! BOOM! BAM! POW!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what doesn't kill you.

...makes you stronger.

happy tuesday, loves. 
keep those chins up & reaching for the stars...

STEP 1:  do me a favor. 
STEP 2: go look into the mirror
STEP 3: say "this is what a Child of God looks like."
STEP 4: relax. He's in control & knows more about what's going on than any one of us could imagine, comprehend or understand. after all, he created all of us. and if you don't know why something's happening the way it is... have faith, God is in control of it. ALL of it. 

big hugs & loves, 

tuesday funny.

i read this. and cracked up.

happy tuesday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

encouraging story.

due to a multitude of reasons, my family & i support traditional marriage. 
this is encouraging to see.

to read the full article on thousands of people gathering together to support tradition marriage at the Eiffel Tower in France, go HERE.

happy monday!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


'ello loves. 

does anyone have any super great tips for marketing & getting the ball rolling faster on etsy? i have over 160 sales, but they're not coming super fast, so i was just wondering if any of you had any secrets!

go here to see my site JACIELAND. let me know what you think i can improve on -- i love honesty & constructive criticism.

happy sunday!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

a saturday funny.

this made me laugh, so i thought i'd share. i'd be that friend. no, seriously. i would. 

loves, j

Happy Saturday!

Hey Loves, 

What a wonderful weekend this is turning out to be!

Friday: I had OT at work, so the people in charge called me & told me to leave at 1! Just my luck, Adam & I carpooled! I called husband & said I'd just walk to the mall or something & waste some time while he was at work. He said no walking to the mall (which was sweet & protective) & he'd just take a 1/2 day & join me! So, he came & picked me up...we brought Syds home (he takes her to work everyday), did some stuff here & there & headed out to the mallsies. We still had some returns from Christmas & lots of gift cards to spend. After the mall, Target, Wal-Mart, Chick'fil'a & some other stops, we were home with a Redbox movie. Friday was awesome. 

Saturday: Here we are. Adam got a call last night to play basketball this A.M. with a church league. We had no idea who anyone was or how to identify the team he was to play on, but we managed to find the rest of the team by asking around. After my superstar (he is really good) was done playing, we headed over to the grocery store to get some goodies for tonight (the family is coming over--YAY!). And then we hit up a few other little shops. Now, I'm cleaning & husband fell asleep on accident (it's way cute when he does this). So now, I clean, get ready & wait for the family to show up, which I'm ecstatic about! Last weekend we hung with his family & this weekend mine!

Sunday: We'll go to church (we get to start training in the Children's Ministry this week--exciting!)  & who knows what other adventures the day will hold until he plays in his basketball league tomorrow night!

Hope that all of your weekend is magical & you're having a wonderful time!

our camera is broken, so i'm just trying to pull random old pictures until 1. we get a new one or 2. it's fixed! :) enjoy one of our engagement pictures!


Monday, January 7, 2013

just wanted to say 'ello, loves!

well hey there, you gorgeous girl! yeah -- YOU. the one reading this (unless you're my brother, then you handsome fella...)!

just wanted to say a quick hello note before i go to bedsies. also, miss you. we'll talk more soon. i promise. i just need to get more disciplined at making more time for this blog relationship... 

you understand how it goes sometimes, right?

so, a couple things about this picture... 

*at my mom & dad's for Thanksgiving*

*those boots were about $10 - BAM*

*i made that plaid shirt from my dad's old shirt; tutorial coming...someday*

*i look like i'm carrying a baby in my belly. i'm not. just too much turkey & potatoes, i guess (btw, i don't think i even ate turkey*

*i have extensions in*

*adam's a baller*

*this was the first time since the 4th grade, or something, that i dared to try & part my hair down the middle. i kinda liked it...for a few days... so, we'll chalk it up to a success*

*we put this on our Christmas cards*

*behind us is where the kiddos play :)*

*my cardi is from talbots...but i got it from goodwill for $3.59, holla!*

hope that this finds you all wonderful & having a great monday -- almost tuesday! we're finally feeling like human beings after being sick for the last couple of weeks. ick. oh well, you play the cards you're dealt -- we all take our turn!

sending huge love, hugs & smiles your way, 
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