Saturday, January 26, 2013

happy saturday: MOA.

'ello loves. 

today mister husband & i went to the mall of america for a little date. it was just dashing. we had the best time together & i truly believe that those little trips are so bonding. i love day trips!

i'll tell you lots more about it later, but while i was checking emails, etsy & blog (btw, i got the best feedback on etsy email from a lady whom just bought something from me -- just topped off this wonderful day), i just thought i'd snap a couple pictures & tell you all goodnight. i still need to clean my makeup off, but then it's off the dreamsicle land for me!

i got so many good deals & didn't pay much more than $8 for anything! husband got a great treat at the lego store that...he's putting together as we speak! :) so cute. 

***that's a mess (please excuse it) & a truman-bottom in the background (they had to potty real bad & their tumtums were hungry -- see! we got home pretty recent - ha!) :)

this is what i wore to the mall today. husband bought it for me from 80's tees. pretty awesome, eh? plus, after i'd picked out what i was wearing, he picked out a bulls shirt & hoody to wear -- who even knew the bulls were playing today? answer: him, not me! :) 

anywhoosies, i'm one tired girl. we drove up this AM, we walked around the entire mall & just got home. *adam just came & showed me his free gift with purchase he just put together -- so cute*

hope you all had a great saturday & i'm sending hugs your way!
tomorrow is church & then relaxation & then adam's basketball league. i'm almost certain there will be a  harry potter nap date (i start watching HP & fall asleep). they're the best. 


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