Thursday, January 17, 2013

how to discipline kids.

haha. oh adam sandler, you can be funny. 

and THIS picture. what a great idea. please tell me that your mom did something like this...! my mom never made us wear a t-shirt (although this IS going in our arsenal) like this BUT...she did have something up her sleeve. when my brother(s) & i were fighting (i only remember doing this with one brother), she'd:

 1. make us go stand in the corner (i don't remember how long or what not, but will have to ask)
2. make us tell each other that we loved each other
3. make us give each other a hug
4. make us give each other a kiss

i'm sure sometimes we would just be so irritated like the girl below, but i do remember a lot of times being like the little boy -- just giggly & laughing. probably because i was the younger one & wanted to give my big brother lots of 'icky' girl hugs & kisses. i'm sure he pushed me away. what a good trick that was, mom!

see you tomorrow! 

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