Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

so, i told you a smidgen about thanksgiving HERE... and fulfilled an 'assignment' from our pastor & told you what i was thankful for HERE... but i have a few other things to show you. 

this shirt. i just have to do a tutorial on. it was my daddy's & i made it my size. BOOYAH. also, the first time i split my hair down the middle since i was in 4th grade. BAM.

daddy-o got a new mower. it was fun to ride around on... no, i'm serious. really. it was. :)

i dig long shirts. so the fact that daddy-o's shirt was too big, meant it was going to be overly long. score.

see? told you i had fun. *sigh* oh, how i miss my small farm(ish) town. nothing beats driving an awesome mower around the lawn... without even cutting the lawn! (insert me laughing at myself now).

all the props to mommy-dearest for this! didn't she do a really cute job with the table settings? :)

this plate was for one of the little munchkins, addi-add!

and this was what us big ol' munchkins were eating off of! BEETEEDUBS, pretty sure those plates all came packaged in a box (possibly brand new) from PIER 1... and guess what? she got 'em at a garage sale! BOOYAH. see where i get my thriftiness from? smart mama!

mister husband acting goofy. :)

Thanksgiving '12. 

at adam's mama's house! that's right -- different day, SAME OUTFIT. don't care. love it! AND, i found a necklace that sort of matches the outfit that i wore! claire's for $1+tax!

me & the sistas (adam's brother's wives) & adam's mama! we're sisters & wives, but NOT sisterwives. ha! 

an amazing cake that mama d (adam's mom) made! i got to top it! wanna know how i got those walnuts on the side looking so good? I THREW 'EM like BAM! :) it was quite the mess. but delish. i'll ask for the recipe!

and this creepy doll. the picture doesn't do it justice. it gave me anxiety that trip. really need to put it back in the back closet. seriously.

adorable husband playing with his love, legos. they had $30 boxes for $15 at wal-mart, so we got 2 boxes & brother-bear got 2 boxes. score. 

i wore this another day on our thanksgiving trip.
chambray shirt for $3.59 at GOODWILL. booyah. 
jersey infinity scarf $4-$5 from PACSUN. booyah. 
earrings around $20 from YOUNKERS
(40% off -- i had a giftcard & had been eyeing these babies up ever since my niece pulled my favorites out of my ear (accidentally --she was 2)! 

*sideblurb* totally pays to be patient. i wanted those earrings & was like, "hey! i have a gift card!" but didn't want to spend $40 or whatever on 'em. yeah, that's not much, but i wanted a better deal. waited a few days & like BAM! i went back & they had them 40% off for the next few days. SCORE. 

and these were some of the things we made with adam's new toys... while watching SVU, of course!

'nother look at the outfit. score 'cause it matched my blue eyes!

hope your thanksgivings were great!
sorry, this post is late. part of the reason i'm blogging is so when we have kiddos they can see 'back in the day', so even though it's late... i wanted to get it up here! you might be seeing lots of that! :) 


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