Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Hey Loves, 

What a wonderful weekend this is turning out to be!

Friday: I had OT at work, so the people in charge called me & told me to leave at 1! Just my luck, Adam & I carpooled! I called husband & said I'd just walk to the mall or something & waste some time while he was at work. He said no walking to the mall (which was sweet & protective) & he'd just take a 1/2 day & join me! So, he came & picked me up...we brought Syds home (he takes her to work everyday), did some stuff here & there & headed out to the mallsies. We still had some returns from Christmas & lots of gift cards to spend. After the mall, Target, Wal-Mart, Chick'fil'a & some other stops, we were home with a Redbox movie. Friday was awesome. 

Saturday: Here we are. Adam got a call last night to play basketball this A.M. with a church league. We had no idea who anyone was or how to identify the team he was to play on, but we managed to find the rest of the team by asking around. After my superstar (he is really good) was done playing, we headed over to the grocery store to get some goodies for tonight (the family is coming over--YAY!). And then we hit up a few other little shops. Now, I'm cleaning & husband fell asleep on accident (it's way cute when he does this). So now, I clean, get ready & wait for the family to show up, which I'm ecstatic about! Last weekend we hung with his family & this weekend mine!

Sunday: We'll go to church (we get to start training in the Children's Ministry this week--exciting!)  & who knows what other adventures the day will hold until he plays in his basketball league tomorrow night!

Hope that all of your weekend is magical & you're having a wonderful time!

our camera is broken, so i'm just trying to pull random old pictures until 1. we get a new one or 2. it's fixed! :) enjoy one of our engagement pictures!


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