Monday, August 27, 2012

date night.

every friday for the last 4 weeks, we've had 'Harry Potter Date Night'! :) 

my hubs has the sweetest ideas! 

and since we were back home this weekend celebrating my little niece's FIRST BIRTHDAY, we are having harry potter night TONIGHT! :) 

to honor that, i thought i would post a picture... it doubles as something to make all you harry potters fans happy, if you're ever having a rough day with coworkers, or just people! 

via B for Bel

loves & happiness & off to date night!

let's play PIGS!

so, my most adorable niece calls 'angry birds' by the name of 'pigs'. 

let's play pigs, aunt j.
let's play pigs, grandma.
let's play pigs, grandpa.
let's play pigs, uncle a.

so, this post is for her! :) 

while stumbling across some blogs that i have been neglecting, i came across these adorable pictures...
via B for Bel.

enjoy. :)

adorable little macaroons, don't you think?
me, too!


Friday, August 24, 2012

happy neon friday.

i would rock this...

wearing these earrings...

and this necklace...

and of course i LOVE this skirt. DIY?

i love wearing tons of bracelets & love the style of this picture. and that wallet. oh, that wallet.

and these DIY packages. yes.

and my kiddo's future bathroom towels... :)

neon fashion 23 I cant get enough NEON (29 photos)

everything about this picture. lace, neon & LOTS of bracelets.

neon fashion 17 I cant get enough NEON (29 photos)

i wish you could wear stuff like this to job interviews. you probably can -- just not the jobs i'd be applying for, sadly! 

neon fashion 15 I cant get enough NEON (29 photos)

another idea for my denim shirt! 

neon fashion 1 I cant get enough NEON (29 photos)

love this. seriously love this.

a neon fashion 25 I cant get enough NEON (29 photos)

i'm digging on gold lately.

neon fashion 6 Add some NEON to your world (26 photos)

i wear t's like this a lot...

neon fashion 25 Add some NEON to your world (26 photos)

this picture kinda creeps me out, so i put it in there.

neon fashion 1 Add some NEON to your world (26 photos)

summer's almost over. sad. love the bracelets, though.

funky fashion 27 Funky Friday Fashion (40 photos)

i love everything about this picture. and if i lived in 'harry potter land', i would want a bow like this one!

happy friday everyone!

hope your weekend is GRAND!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

COMING SOON: diy banner!

so, we have a church fair coming up this next week... adam & i are heading up the 'sports ministry' at our church & have a booth there... so, of course, i had to come up with some ideas to 'spruce' it up... the theme of the church ministry fair is 'finding your sweet spot at FFC', which is awesome because the whole fair is sports themed... so, i decided to make a pennant banner! 

let me know what you think! :) 
and i'll put a DIY soon! 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 things...08/16/2012

alright... i'm going to start a new little series called 10 things...
it's going to help you get to know me a little better & help me go through some pictures to share with you! :) 

here goes nothing (in no particular order)...

1. i like to wear my bright pink lipstick... sometimes... makes me feel 'barbie-like' & FUN!
pictured below is snob by MAC!

2. i can be a klutz -- your typical 'blonde' stereotype. at least it gives my hubs & brothers something to laugh at & make fun of... :)

3. i am so content where i am at, but i am painfully excited to be a mommy!

4. i love me some iowa sweet corn -- and eat it proudly with a messy face & stuff stuck in my teephers!

5. i wear the exact same jewelry every single day! you can see the wear on the back of my Tiffany's (yeah, Tiffany's, right?) heart necklace (my buddy, bailey, got that for me for Christmas! YEOW! what a gem, right?)!

6. i love cooking 'sweet treats' for my husband here & there. i should do it more!

7. i LOVE me some harry potter. go gryffindor, go! dye my hair brunette & call me hermoine granger, folks!

8. we're so cool we honeymooned at DISNEYWORLD! and we would not EVER change a thing.

9. i've kissed a sassy husband santa claus the past 3 years for Christmas! ho ho ho!

10. when i get tan, my eyes look bluer & my teephers look whiter. 

hope this was fun & you learned a 10 things about me! :) 
anything else you'd like to pick my brain about or know?
comment BELOW


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

by the way...

i'm up to 20 followers! 


so, 108 sales on my etsy & 20 followers... i'm jazzed. really, though!

prayerfully yours, 

hey you!

hi my neglected blog followers! 
again, more apologies for being M.I.A. 

everything is just getting 'wrapped up' over here at jacieland -- ALMOST (so so so so so close) to being done with school... LITERALLY a few hours left & then off to study hard for my boards (for those of you who don't know, i'm finishing up school to be an LMT (licensed massage therapist)!

as for work, eh... it's a job & i am so SO thankful for that. the Lord is blessing adam & i immensely. 

as for jacieland on etsy, my etsy shop, things are going quite swimmingly... man, seriously things are staring to pick up... like i've said before, the glory goes up & the blessings come down!

if i haven't told you about adam & my 'struggle', for lack of a better word, with tithing, maybe i'll tell you sometimes...who knows. but, we have been making a conscious effort to remember & do it faithfully. while it is a lot of money, the Lord has called us to do it & really, it's His money anyways... we just get to handle it, right? :) anyways, since we've been making a conscious effort, i'm not kidding 'tips' have went up at school & my etsy is starting to boom! well, to what i think is 'booming'! :) 

speaking of etsy... let me share a little etsy love with you... i found this on B for Bel, she's funny! just thought i would share it...

anyways, just thought i would say hi... know i've been thinking & praying for all of you (but especially YOU -- the one reading this *wink*)!

loves & see you SOON!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

by the way... 100 SALES!

that's right... we made it!

thanks to everyone for all your help -- it's greatly appreciated!

"the glory goes up to God & the blessings fall down on me!"
i heard little miss gabby douglas say this & i loved it... i'd never heard it, but oh-so-true.

see in the bottom left where it says 100 sales? BAM. 

eek, i'm excited. 

my etsy shop!
come visit!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

sunday funday!

happy sunday, everyone!

after churchytime, husband & i decided that the weather was just TOO nice not to be outside -- seriously... it's PERFECT today!

so, we decided to go to the park for a bit o' tennis!
so fun.

i'd never really played before & even though i definitely lost, i at least learned HOW to play the game & had a lot of fun! i'll post some pictures for you later, gator!

this picture was at Tulip Time a year or so ago... before we were even hitched! YEOW! and we were around the area the other night, so i thought i'd share!

tulips are SO purdy.

xs & os & happy sunday-funday!

off to eat at a new restaurant we've never been to,
your j

Friday, August 3, 2012

happy friday!

i know, i know... i've been very neglegent of my blogger buddies...

and I'M SORRY, okay? 
forgive me.

it's just... i have only 15 or so hours left of school & as you know...i started this new job, so i'm crazy-busy... BUT SOON... soon, friends... :) 

until i'm able to fully reunite with you again, i leave you with another engagement picture & a...

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