Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 things...08/16/2012

alright... i'm going to start a new little series called 10 things...
it's going to help you get to know me a little better & help me go through some pictures to share with you! :) 

here goes nothing (in no particular order)...

1. i like to wear my bright pink lipstick... sometimes... makes me feel 'barbie-like' & FUN!
pictured below is snob by MAC!

2. i can be a klutz -- your typical 'blonde' stereotype. at least it gives my hubs & brothers something to laugh at & make fun of... :)

3. i am so content where i am at, but i am painfully excited to be a mommy!

4. i love me some iowa sweet corn -- and eat it proudly with a messy face & stuff stuck in my teephers!

5. i wear the exact same jewelry every single day! you can see the wear on the back of my Tiffany's (yeah, Tiffany's, right?) heart necklace (my buddy, bailey, got that for me for Christmas! YEOW! what a gem, right?)!

6. i love cooking 'sweet treats' for my husband here & there. i should do it more!

7. i LOVE me some harry potter. go gryffindor, go! dye my hair brunette & call me hermoine granger, folks!

8. we're so cool we honeymooned at DISNEYWORLD! and we would not EVER change a thing.

9. i've kissed a sassy husband santa claus the past 3 years for Christmas! ho ho ho!

10. when i get tan, my eyes look bluer & my teephers look whiter. 

hope this was fun & you learned a 10 things about me! :) 
anything else you'd like to pick my brain about or know?
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