Tuesday, August 14, 2012

hey you!

hi my neglected blog followers! 
again, more apologies for being M.I.A. 

everything is just getting 'wrapped up' over here at jacieland -- ALMOST (so so so so so close) to being done with school... LITERALLY a few hours left & then off to study hard for my boards (for those of you who don't know, i'm finishing up school to be an LMT (licensed massage therapist)!

as for work, eh... it's a job & i am so SO thankful for that. the Lord is blessing adam & i immensely. 

as for jacieland on etsy, my etsy shop, things are going quite swimmingly... man, seriously things are staring to pick up... like i've said before, the glory goes up & the blessings come down!

if i haven't told you about adam & my 'struggle', for lack of a better word, with tithing, maybe i'll tell you sometimes...who knows. but, we have been making a conscious effort to remember & do it faithfully. while it is a lot of money, the Lord has called us to do it & really, it's His money anyways... we just get to handle it, right? :) anyways, since we've been making a conscious effort, i'm not kidding you...my 'tips' have went up at school & my etsy is starting to boom! well, to what i think is 'booming'! :) 

speaking of etsy... let me share a little etsy love with you... i found this on B for Bel, she's funny! just thought i would share it...

anyways, just thought i would say hi... know i've been thinking & praying for all of you (but especially YOU -- the one reading this *wink*)!

loves & see you SOON!

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