Saturday, February 16, 2013

my kind of pants!

the people from this etsy shop look intense, but i love love LOVE their shiny pants & cowly sweaters! to know me is to know my love for glitter & shiny things, so without further ado, enjoy BeastWares! it's like eyecandy & flowing happiness in pants & shirt form!

pretty sparkly & great, right?! teehee, my husband doesn't like 'em, but he knows i would TOTALLY wear them! :) anyways, check out there glittery-sparkly-ness here!

happy saturday night!

good morning, loves.

adam & i were looking so forward to sleeping in today (i know...7 AM is NOT bad at all...but i'm thinking like 10 AM, HA) but the pups had other plans...

adam is usually the one to get up with the pups during the week, so i try to do it on weekends & let him sleep in. he's had a bum ankle all week, so i've been doing it. i must say -- it's not bad, once you get into the habit. and i know it makes him happy, so maybe i'll stay in the habit! :) BESIDES, on a much smaller scale, it's good practice for when the real babies get here! 

have you read the book "The first 90 days of Marriage"? If not...never mind, but if so, it's like building 'tensile strength'...You just keep doing something that's real hard at first & before you know it, you're enthusiastic about it & want to (in a nutshell)!

i love our dogs. let me repeat... i love our dogs. 
but here's what we wake up to.
 the first thing you wake up to is dogs pacing through the bedroom trying to wake up up. 
sydney yawning really loud trying to get up up. 
them shaking their head & body, so their collars make the loudest jingles EVER. 
that's when it happens. cave-city.
so, (since it's winter), we bundle ourselves up & go stand in freezing temperatures for a few minutes. maybe walk a little with them. but seriously, why is the decision to pee/poo so stinkin' (no pun intended; insert fake giggle here) hard for doggies -- THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IS YOUR TOILET, JUST GO. 

*enjoy these untouched pictures with no hair & no makeup of me right after i got back from taking the dogs out (this is still exactly how i look -- haven't even taken my coat off, HA!; i'm going back to beddybop! :)

anyways, just some funny thoughts... :) i'm not upset at all... AT ALL. promise! it's just funny. dogs are funny. i love them. they're funny. did you get that they're funny?

so, now to try & continue my dream that was interrupted....
here's to sleeping in!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

confetti shooters

another reason i can't wait to have kiddos (this is not a top reason, but one i'm excited about, lol) is adorable birthday parties. more recently making me think of this was the confetti shooters that i found over at You are my Fave! i lololove these. she's even filled them with cake before! 

aren't these adorable?! they're all lovely, but i especially love WASHI TAPE! it's the best! :) except when i first bought some to seal my wedding invites, i didn't realize it wasn't that sticky. so a TON of my invites ended up opening, bending & loosing the inside contents in the mail. sad face. none the less, it's beautiful to look at :) quirky & cute!

putting on my 'to-do'...once we have kiddos,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i made something.

mr. husband has basketball tonight at church. originally, i had a huge night planned -- curled up in about 5 blankets, snuggling in front of the tv watching cooking shows. sounds tempting, eh? well, i had a little bug to make something. 

a few months before our wedding, a craft store locally-owned was shutting it's doors. they'd been open for years & years & years...and the couple decided it was time to retire. thus, they had everything like 90% off. for example, i made my flower bouquets... at wal-mart, a foam ball costs over $3. i got them there for like $.10. score. 

anyways, they had a TON of stuff. i would have bought everything if i could have. i ended up buying about 20 rolls of vintagey fabric ribbon. it's very cool -- i love it. so, i decided i needed to do something with it. i also stock up on baby onesies for my etsy & had some laying around...and this is what i came up with!

i'm pretty disappointed in the photo quality, BUT our camera mysteriously broke, so i'm using the iPod for pictures. it's actually all light pink & the ribbon matches perfectly. i think it's kinda cute for a 'for fun, let's see what happens' project... what do you think? cute or needs a lot of work?

wanna see my etsy? 
go here.


happy tuesday night! :) 
i hope that the beginning of your week has went super-grand!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

scare your neighbors.

this is so funny. i would suggest you not do it, however. :)

happy weeeeekend! jacie

willy wonka.

interesting. i wonder if this is actually what the writers intended?
xxxxxxxxooooooooo, jacie


unconditional love is one of the best gifts God has given us. it's a challenge to reciprocate the sort of love to people (spouse, parents, family, friends, coworkers) sometimes (mostly because of your own selfishness, stubbornness & sin), but when you remember how Jesus loves you, even when you're being a real turd, it's not so bad. we are called to live like Him, so it makes it quite a bit easier to swallow your pride... and it is so rewarding.

i encourage you to try & live more & more like Jesus everyday. loving unconditionally is just one thing we're called to do! feel free to share some encouragement of your own below!


best fort ever.

totally doing this when we have kids... well, actually... WHY WAIT?


fingers & real pinky promises.

it is quite interesting how each finger 'means' something in our culture. my favorite (besides love) is the pinky. i love pinky promises. most people don't do them right, in my book. 

here's how to do a real 'pinky promise'.
1. promise to do/not do something.
2. say "pinky promise?"
3. accept pinky promise & hook pinkys together.
4. when your pinkys are hooked together, your thumb should be out (like a thumbs up). you then kiss your thumb & the pinky promise is complete.

good luck on your next pinky promise. i love pinky promises. they're fun & cute. 

ps. don't make a promise you can't keep. :) as a general rule, this is just for fun.


you all know my love for disney. and harry potter
what is cuter than a baby hermione drinking out of a jasmine cup, eating some yougurt & breakfast with minnemouse ears on? nothing! that's right, nothing (well, my nieces & nephews are, but for the sake of argument...)!

got questions? ask hermione! send owl or felix felicis (remember liquid luck -- if you didn't, don't worry...i had to look it up, too)! this is great!

happy saturday! now i want to watch harry potter. and go back to this part of our honeymoon!


dramatic disney princesses.

who knew that disney princesses were so dramatic. this explains a lot.

xxoo, j

closet re-do.

this is ABSOLUTELY fantastic. and i ABSOLUTELY love this idea. and i ABSOLUTELY want to do this to a closet when we get a house. this is such a great idea! an old closet turned into a little book nook? yes, please!

one of my coworkers is probably going to be building a house soon. while i think that would be incredibly fun, i also think it would be incredibly challenging...for me, at least. because i have SO many ideas bursting at the seams & it would be so hard to narrow down & choose what exactly i'd want! i found this about about myself while planning our wedding...:) it was a challenge, like i said... BUT so fun. and i'd probably do it again in a heartbeat. some people have suggested wedding planning to me, which i think would be a fun job, but i don't want to work with bridezillas
so i'll pass for now. they're scary.

have you seen any other fabulous ideas worth sharing? 

Christmas ornament.

already getting next year's ideas... if only we could get truman to let us do this.

all sorts of ideas running through my head, 

baby disney princess.

i am absolutely in love with this idea. and if we ever have a baby girl, i'd love to do this. it melts my little heart. 

melts your, too, doesn't it? 

bomb birth announcement.

i'm sure some of you have seen this, but i SO want to do this. just for fun. not for a birth announcement because i'm sure there will be lots of people doing this & i like to be different, but... i think that is HYSTERICAL. and i love it. adam's cousin sent it to us & then b for bel had it & i laughed & laughed.

i believe i walked out of the room yelling, "i want to do that! we have to!" and adam laughing saying, "the birth announcement? i knew you would...!" :) HA.

you love it, right? 
thought so.
any other clever birth announcements you've came across? 

funny animals.

here are some funny animal pictures to brighten your saturday morning.

the above one is mostly for brother & sister because they have 3 of those little cuties (dogs, not kiddos). and maybe someday when they do have a little cutie kiddo, they can dress it up like this, too! it'd be hysterical.

and this one is mostly for my other sister because she loves her kitties. and i think this would make her laugh. 


a Christmas gift.

speaking of New Year's Resolutions made me think of Christmastime. I stumbled across this & just had to share. because every time i look at it, i start to laugh. it just cracks me up. whoever wrote this bitter. good thing their resolution is probably to 'loose weight'. they'll be fine again 'til next Christmas.

mama's love.

this picture INSTANTLY reminds me of my mom. she LOVES bubble wrap. the word capitalized, underlined, italicized AND bolded doesn't completely encompass her love for it, even. :) ha. she's come upon rolls & rolls of it...and it's probably gone by now... there are worse things to love this much.

but this... this is a great idea! i love it. maybe for a birthday? Christmas? i'm wanting to make more homemade gifts, so maybe this can go on the list... 

speaking of homemade gifts, this scarf/blanket would be a great homemade gift!


ps. other posts about mom include how to discipline kids AND my mom. just to mention a couple.

guess who?

i lololove this idea for the game GUESS WHO? i think as bad as this sounds, there are some distant relatives whom i get to see at family reunions once in a while, but can't remember their names... i always have to ask my mom & dad... this year i worked really hard on keeping them straight! but, maybe someday when we have kiddos, this could be a good learning tool & FUN! :)

now... the key is getting pictures of that many people... i mean, since we don't have Facebook, it might be a challenge. :)

happy weekend!

quotation marks.

i am ABSOLUTELY loving this store. i'm not sure i'll buy anything because i think that i can make this, but i am absolutely LOVING the idea. isn't this brilliantly cute? i first saw it here on The Shine Project where Ashley was wearing it & instantly loved it.
 kudos to everyone at QUOTATION MARKS.


random thoughts about... new year's resolutions.

this seems to be the trend. some of my 'resolutions' i've already laid to the side...'til next year... but the eating healthy thing...i've been doing a better job at. i mean, you have to have cake & ice cream at birthday parties & dove chocolate almost everyday (especially since $4 bags were on sale for $1.50 & you bought like 7 of them (hindsight is 20/20 -- shoulda bought ALL of them)! 

but other than that... i've been doing really well... :)

ps. these are NOT my resolutions... just a picture!

keep going, you can do it, only 11 more months -- you're almost there,

ALSO. if animals had new year's resolutions.

random thoughts about... groceries.

THIS sums up my husband. 
he use to say, "i only buy what i can carry in in 1 trip." well, after we got married, that's not so much the case. you see, it's multiple trips. it's "honey, i'm pulling in the parking lot...can you please come help me?" (which he always says of course! really, he's great!) and then there's -9 degrees for a high & we really are trying to get them all in. who cares if we dislocate our shoulders -- at least we don't have to go back out in freezing temperatures. and walking up those stairs is a workout in & of itself when you are carrying another 50 pounds worth of groceries. 

anywhoo, just some thoughts. 
ps. groceries are expensive! for 2 people we're usually between $150-$200/month. And we still have lots leftover. i know it doesn't seem like a lot, but for stuff that goes in & comes right back out, it's a lot. just wait 'til we have kiddos -- that'll be a shock.

it's like a race though. lately i've been trying to eat a lot better! which is great! but i'm always worrying if the produce is going to go bad, so i always eat all that first & then by the end of the month, i have nothing. maybe we'll have to start just making a run or so near the end of the month for more produce.

how much do your groceries cost? do you use coupons (we do, when we have 'em!)? where do you go to find the best deal?

wishing i could be an 'extreme couponer', 

parenting techniques.

this cracks me up. mostly because if can be extremely true. i remember plenty (almost always), if i asked dad something..."did you ask your mother? what did she say...?" BAM. nailed it.

and what dad doesn't joke about having a gun out saying nice to meet you -- it's great. 

happy saturday, loves!

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