Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i made something.

mr. husband has basketball tonight at church. originally, i had a huge night planned -- curled up in about 5 blankets, snuggling in front of the tv watching cooking shows. sounds tempting, eh? well, i had a little bug to make something. 

a few months before our wedding, a craft store locally-owned was shutting it's doors. they'd been open for years & years & years...and the couple decided it was time to retire. thus, they had everything like 90% off. for example, i made my flower bouquets... at wal-mart, a foam ball costs over $3. i got them there for like $.10. score. 

anyways, they had a TON of stuff. i would have bought everything if i could have. i ended up buying about 20 rolls of vintagey fabric ribbon. it's very cool -- i love it. so, i decided i needed to do something with it. i also stock up on baby onesies for my etsy & had some laying around...and this is what i came up with!

i'm pretty disappointed in the photo quality, BUT our camera mysteriously broke, so i'm using the iPod for pictures. it's actually all light pink & the ribbon matches perfectly. i think it's kinda cute for a 'for fun, let's see what happens' project... what do you think? cute or needs a lot of work?

wanna see my etsy? 
go here.


happy tuesday night! :) 
i hope that the beginning of your week has went super-grand!

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