Saturday, February 2, 2013

closet re-do.

this is ABSOLUTELY fantastic. and i ABSOLUTELY love this idea. and i ABSOLUTELY want to do this to a closet when we get a house. this is such a great idea! an old closet turned into a little book nook? yes, please!

one of my coworkers is probably going to be building a house soon. while i think that would be incredibly fun, i also think it would be incredibly challenging...for me, at least. because i have SO many ideas bursting at the seams & it would be so hard to narrow down & choose what exactly i'd want! i found this about about myself while planning our wedding...:) it was a challenge, like i said... BUT so fun. and i'd probably do it again in a heartbeat. some people have suggested wedding planning to me, which i think would be a fun job, but i don't want to work with bridezillas
so i'll pass for now. they're scary.

have you seen any other fabulous ideas worth sharing? 

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