Wednesday, February 6, 2013

confetti shooters

another reason i can't wait to have kiddos (this is not a top reason, but one i'm excited about, lol) is adorable birthday parties. more recently making me think of this was the confetti shooters that i found over at You are my Fave! i lololove these. she's even filled them with cake before! 

aren't these adorable?! they're all lovely, but i especially love WASHI TAPE! it's the best! :) except when i first bought some to seal my wedding invites, i didn't realize it wasn't that sticky. so a TON of my invites ended up opening, bending & loosing the inside contents in the mail. sad face. none the less, it's beautiful to look at :) quirky & cute!

putting on my 'to-do'...once we have kiddos,

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