Saturday, February 16, 2013

good morning, loves.

adam & i were looking so forward to sleeping in today (i know...7 AM is NOT bad at all...but i'm thinking like 10 AM, HA) but the pups had other plans...

adam is usually the one to get up with the pups during the week, so i try to do it on weekends & let him sleep in. he's had a bum ankle all week, so i've been doing it. i must say -- it's not bad, once you get into the habit. and i know it makes him happy, so maybe i'll stay in the habit! :) BESIDES, on a much smaller scale, it's good practice for when the real babies get here! 

have you read the book "The first 90 days of Marriage"? If not...never mind, but if so, it's like building 'tensile strength'...You just keep doing something that's real hard at first & before you know it, you're enthusiastic about it & want to (in a nutshell)!

i love our dogs. let me repeat... i love our dogs. 
but here's what we wake up to.
 the first thing you wake up to is dogs pacing through the bedroom trying to wake up up. 
sydney yawning really loud trying to get up up. 
them shaking their head & body, so their collars make the loudest jingles EVER. 
that's when it happens. cave-city.
so, (since it's winter), we bundle ourselves up & go stand in freezing temperatures for a few minutes. maybe walk a little with them. but seriously, why is the decision to pee/poo so stinkin' (no pun intended; insert fake giggle here) hard for doggies -- THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IS YOUR TOILET, JUST GO. 

*enjoy these untouched pictures with no hair & no makeup of me right after i got back from taking the dogs out (this is still exactly how i look -- haven't even taken my coat off, HA!; i'm going back to beddybop! :)

anyways, just some funny thoughts... :) i'm not upset at all... AT ALL. promise! it's just funny. dogs are funny. i love them. they're funny. did you get that they're funny?

so, now to try & continue my dream that was interrupted....
here's to sleeping in!

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