Saturday, February 2, 2013

random thoughts about... groceries.

THIS sums up my husband. 
he use to say, "i only buy what i can carry in in 1 trip." well, after we got married, that's not so much the case. you see, it's multiple trips. it's "honey, i'm pulling in the parking lot...can you please come help me?" (which he always says of course! really, he's great!) and then there's -9 degrees for a high & we really are trying to get them all in. who cares if we dislocate our shoulders -- at least we don't have to go back out in freezing temperatures. and walking up those stairs is a workout in & of itself when you are carrying another 50 pounds worth of groceries. 

anywhoo, just some thoughts. 
ps. groceries are expensive! for 2 people we're usually between $150-$200/month. And we still have lots leftover. i know it doesn't seem like a lot, but for stuff that goes in & comes right back out, it's a lot. just wait 'til we have kiddos -- that'll be a shock.

it's like a race though. lately i've been trying to eat a lot better! which is great! but i'm always worrying if the produce is going to go bad, so i always eat all that first & then by the end of the month, i have nothing. maybe we'll have to start just making a run or so near the end of the month for more produce.

how much do your groceries cost? do you use coupons (we do, when we have 'em!)? where do you go to find the best deal?

wishing i could be an 'extreme couponer', 

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