Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what doesn't kill you.

...makes you stronger.

happy tuesday, loves. 
keep those chins up & reaching for the stars...

STEP 1:  do me a favor. 
STEP 2: go look into the mirror
STEP 3: say "this is what a Child of God looks like."
STEP 4: relax. He's in control & knows more about what's going on than any one of us could imagine, comprehend or understand. after all, he created all of us. and if you don't know why something's happening the way it is... have faith, God is in control of it. ALL of it. 

big hugs & loves, 


  1. Girl! YOu must've been inspired to say that. Because this week has sucked so far. Thank you thank you thank you.

    1. i hear ya. it hasn't been all peachy & roses over here either. and i saw that saying & thought i had to share it. and when i was at Family Christian Bookstore the other day, they had this mirror that said, "you are a child of God" & i thought that was the COOLEST thing... so i am going to make it & hang it up somewhere. but the concept is cool. when you're feeling sad, never forget, He's got things covered! :) CHIN UP, my beautiful bloggy buddy! your smile is too presh to be hidden under sadness! :)


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