Monday, January 7, 2013

just wanted to say 'ello, loves!

well hey there, you gorgeous girl! yeah -- YOU. the one reading this (unless you're my brother, then you handsome fella...)!

just wanted to say a quick hello note before i go to bedsies. also, miss you. we'll talk more soon. i promise. i just need to get more disciplined at making more time for this blog relationship... 

you understand how it goes sometimes, right?

so, a couple things about this picture... 

*at my mom & dad's for Thanksgiving*

*those boots were about $10 - BAM*

*i made that plaid shirt from my dad's old shirt; tutorial coming...someday*

*i look like i'm carrying a baby in my belly. i'm not. just too much turkey & potatoes, i guess (btw, i don't think i even ate turkey*

*i have extensions in*

*adam's a baller*

*this was the first time since the 4th grade, or something, that i dared to try & part my hair down the middle. i kinda liked it...for a few days... so, we'll chalk it up to a success*

*we put this on our Christmas cards*

*behind us is where the kiddos play :)*

*my cardi is from talbots...but i got it from goodwill for $3.59, holla!*

hope that this finds you all wonderful & having a great monday -- almost tuesday! we're finally feeling like human beings after being sick for the last couple of weeks. ick. oh well, you play the cards you're dealt -- we all take our turn!

sending huge love, hugs & smiles your way, 

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