Friday, December 28, 2012

out sick.

i don't know if i've ever been this sick... well, i probably have (yeah, that ear infection a few years back was terrible), but i feel awful. i have strep throat.

and now mr. a has it...or something, too. 
and mother-in-law has something.
and brother-in-law.
and other brother-in-law.
and sister-in-law.
and nephew.
and other sister-in-law.

it's taking us all out one by one. pray for us to be well soon. 

until then, strict diet of chicken noodle soup, oj & lots of netflix.



  1. It's definitely going around. I'm sorry, love! Sending thoughts your way!!

    1. hey beautiful ladaaaaay! :) thanks for sending happy thoughts my way! :) thoughts & prayers ALWAYS welcomed heresies! :) seriously, adam was telling me that 18 kiddos have died from this 'thing' that's going around -- what in the world?! ps.!

    2. I checked it. I don't think I got anything?!

    3. UGH. well. i just saw an email you sent me way back when about wanting to do a series on your blog -- and i had gotten back to it WAY late & was just telling you that i'd love to! :) :) :)


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