Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God intends...

when i found this at Eisy Morgan, i knew i had to share it... she does this awesome Bible Study (which i should catch up on) and seriously, she always has the best little picture posts... she also does this thing called 'silent sunday' where all she does are these pictures... i love 'em...


i think the key part in here is "not what we now think we want"...oh how true that is. think back through your life & all the times you thought you 'needed' something or 'wanted' something, only for your prayer 'not to be answered'...or so you thought... that boy you just 'had' to date who never asked you out... or whatever the case may be, God knew exactly what He was doing... He was taking care of you... for His greater plan & purspose.

think about it. 
pray about it.

loves, blessings & prayers, 

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