Sunday, July 8, 2012

oh, sunday-funday.

hello my lovelies...

so, JUST got back from the parents all weekend. it was awesome & i lololove seeing them. plus, precious little JJ(meister) was there...and he's a darling dear to see... 
and then it happened. this morning. as i tried to roll out of bed. 
i couldn't (well, i could, but it hurt).
so SO weird, right? i mean...this was the bed i had slept in for the last few years until 8 months ago (when we got hitched)... so, i don't know what happened. but the entire day, i have been crabby-mc-crabberson (no, really...ask my family... sorry, family...).

so, i tried to sleep on the way home... then we got home, husband wouldn't let me get any of the stuff out of the car, even though i protested (but secretly...sometimes i like this because it shows he cares!), and he ordered a nap. well, i took a hot bubble bath, now im posting, then a nap.

BUT...while i was in the bathtub, he came in & asked if he could get me a drink...nope, but some damien rice playing while i have a bubble bath would be nice...okay, hunnie (i know...he's the best). AND THEN... he sat next to me with sydney & sang some damien rice.


then, he ventured off to a bikeride...oh wait, before that, he turned the heating pads on for me AND put on harry potter (year 4, as i requested).

SIGH. i love this man. 


i want to hear something your husband/boyfriend/fiance has done that is totally sweet for you... 

your j


  1. Chris always goes to the store for my silly cravings, even if its late. Its a girl, by the way!

    1. awww... that IS super sweet!!! :) :) :) goooo chris, gooo! :) :) a girl! HOLY COW! maybe she'll get that flower bath...that is IF i ever see you again! :) xxoo


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