Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wear...casual outfitsies.

the other day, i was catching up on some reading & visited Stubborn Delight. It's written by a funny girl named Kolie (cute, right?)...

so, she was talking about most days she wears, too...
even if adam & i are going somewhere, usually we're both in comfies...

so, without further ado, one of my favorite comfy outfits... 
none of this stuff can be found on victoria's secret sites anymore, so i went ahead and found them for you... but they're all for the hawkeyes, so if you like the outfit, but are another school, you may have to do some digging! :)

herky gray undershirt HERE
toms HERE

OKAY, bummer... i'm only finding other stuff i have, or would be cool to have... but no cardi or gold pants... oh wellsies! go hawks!

oooooh, i also have THIS delightful little number... i lololove it...

and you know what, if you want to wear pajamas out, you do it, girlfriend! :) 
plus, adam finds me cuter in pjs, so SCORE! 




  1. LOVE this! Power to the pjs! You pull them off too! Dang girl :)

    1. POWER TO THE PJS IS RIGHT! :) :) :) haha, awww thank you, miss kolie!


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