Monday, June 18, 2012

newest addition to our apple family... it's a... BABY TOY!

sorry my gorgeous little monkeys! FOR WHAT, YOU ASK?
wellll... for my negligence of blogging... sad. :(
have some EXCITING news though; it's not an excuse for lack of blogging... just an exciting happening!
adam & i got a iPad!!! :) oh, did i mention is was only $20...? BAM.
my brotha-from-anotha-motha (AKA, my brother-in-law, Christian) got a new one & had no need for this one anymore! so, he restarted it, and gave it to adam & i... so we have a new 'baby toy' & we couldn't be more excited.
the even COOLER thing is that we've been scouring the internet for a laptop... we have an a-to-the-may-ZANG MAC that looks a little something like THIS:
but as you can see, is less-than-portable. so, the idea of getting a laptop was less than necessary & we had a max budget of about $100... yes, it was going to be a CHEAP & OLD ONE! but pretty much, i just wanted it so i could hang out on the couch blogging & still be with my hubs... sometimes i just miss him if i'm hanging out in the craft/computer/puppy/spare room... i know, lazy mc gee over here. oh wellsies.. it...(wait for it) what it is...(for you, husband).
so, anyways, through our looking, brother calls & says he'll give us his for $20...uh, oh okay! awesomeness... and we can even get a keyboard to hook up to it... we'll see. i just think it's cool how God puts out little tiny blessings for us... so, obviously i had to share!
anyways, lots of love & excitement for our newest addition...
jaceroni & amf <3


  1. I'm blogging on my boyfriends iPad right now! I love these things. So much. Enjoy! And what a STEAL!

    1. GIIIIIRRRRRRLLLL. i know, i know, i know... i love, i love, i love. seriously... the only tough thing (more so just more time consuming thatn a computer) is loading the pictures, uploading them, ETC ETC. it's just easier on a computer, but if i want to do a little blurb, it works perrrrfect! ANNNND, i get to hang out with the hubs still. its a-to-the-may-zang, sista!


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