Tuesday, June 19, 2012

i wanna show you...

what a typical night looked like for adam & i before we were married (after i moved back to my parent's house)...
FORGIVE MY FUNNY FACES... if you look REAL hard, you'll be able to tell that the left side of my face is craycray swollen... wannaknow why?
i had my WISDOM TOOPHERS taken out... boo. they got infected & hurt real bad. thank my lucky start i never ever got dry socket...that thought alone makes me cringe.
so anyways, we didn't 'live' together before we were married. we stayed over, were neighbors for a long time (how we met), got snowed in together, may have stayed to many consecutive nights together, etc etc, but most nights (after i moved away from the city) were spent me here, him there talking on 'iChat' or 'facetime'... and apparently i wanted to show off my ring, too... i remember many times doing that & just being like, "HUNNIE! we're getting hitched!!!" oh crazy now that we're coming up on 8 months of wedded bliss already! YEOW!
SO... just wanted to show you our lives about a year or so ago...
oh how they've changed so much... going from unsautered bands to sleeping everynight snuggled up together.
i wouldn't change a thing.
***memories...like the corner of my mind...***
haha, your sentamental, loving-her-husband-and-their-history,

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