Sunday, June 10, 2012

cool tees.

so, husband sends me this HYSTERICAL email friday... seriously, it was awesome. anyways, i asked where the source of said hilarious(ness) is... he sends me

now looksies, some of these shirts are probably borderline inappropriate... i haven't seen all of them, but i wouldn't be surprised... but some... well, some of them are just AWESOMENESS...


i heart pugs.

told you so.


this shirt rocks. or atleast tickles my funny bone. you may or may have not see me breaking it down to Sir Mix-A-Lot's song/rap, "Baby Got Back" about a week or so ago in the bathroom while putting my face on. was adam giving me a funny look you ask? oh, wellsies... 'if' i was 'breaking it down', then perhaps he may have been... :)


i love pooping. you love pooping. who doesn't love pooping. PLUS, i knew my sister-in-lawsies, katie, would appreciate this... especially since her family can't go one single meal without talking about pooping or gassiness of some sort. oh how funny it is.


i love this shirt. i want to buy it for... well, a couple of people, actually.
you know who you are.
and i love you. wet pants & all.


i have tried watching ELF a million gazillion times. it's funny & cute, but i ALWAYS manage to fall asleep during it. please tell me i'm not alone in falling asleep in good movies?! ANYWAYS, husband still quotes it & it's adorable. lovely shirtsies.


my hubs is smart. math & everything else, quite frankly. and this... well, this makes me laugh. kinda cheesy, but clever.


and this is funny. i wish i would have been clever enough to put this on a test in high school if i didn't know the answer. AWESOME. yuk,yuk,yuk. :)


creation, not evolution, for sheezy. this shirt is f-to-the-unny.

lovely, funny, clever & smart shirts,
jacie noelle

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