Thursday, June 28, 2012

yup! found what i was hunting for!

remember me talking about how much i needed WANTED a backpack... and all my reasons...!?
well, i saw THIS ONE & fell in love, so i knew i HAD to get one like it...
(BEETEEDUBS, this chick is pretty cool... i follow her HERE:, but i didn't know if she would ever get back to me on where she got it... i'm sure she's busy, so i looked for one similar...)
the only 'problem'... not really 'problem', but that's what i am going to call it for now is that adam & i are 'beginning' to budget... and said that for a couple of weeks, we're going to try & be pretty frugal with our money... really, i'm the only problem because i just find so much AWESOME stuff like THIS!
SO, this'll be my first real test... can i wait it out a few weeks? i don't have to, but hey, we said we would... so, can i?
any encouragement is welcome (but if this bag is M.I.A. when i come back, you're all in BIG t-r-o-u-b-l-e because i L-O-V-E it!)!!!
xs, os & a little LOT of self-discipline,
your jfizz (AKA shopping lover, girl who loves to shop, girl who needs wants a bag, desperate girl who has to have this bag)


  1. You can do it! It can be so hard to get the hang of sometimes (keeping to a tight budget) but it's so worth it. And it won't be forever :) Stay strong!

    1. thanks for the encouragement, sister! we are really, really going to have to work on our budget now!


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