Monday, June 18, 2012

new(ish) things i like to drAAAnk.

remember how i told you
that we were trying all sorts of new drinksiespoosies instead of our old faithful, mountain dew...


we've (mainly me) been drinking these lots... they're called HYDRIVE & i fancy them. it all started one fine day while getting a few groceries... they were pretty cheap & had "$.55 off 1" coupons dangling off of them... making them about $.70/each...maybe less... so, i thought i'd give it a shot... and guess what? i lololoved 'em... plus, at 30 calories, they're a good deal. apparently they're 'energy drinks', but i am not feeling anymore 'energized'. i just like the taste & figure they're much healthier than pop.
SO, we'll give these a big ol' thumbs up!
get you some HERE (or go to your grocery store):


"WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN GOING INTO YOUR GULLET?" you may be wondering...

i shall tell you!
i don't like tea. really just the kind that sits out in the sun in a glass jar... you know the kind your mom always made? that kind. it makes me make a funny face. however, i do like green tea & other flavored teas!!! nom nom nom.

like THIS ONE:


i haven't bought this in bulk or anything... it was more a 'spur of the moment' at the checkout sort of thing at lunchylunch time! i don't regret it! i think it was only a $1, which isn't great, but it's not bad either! the downside is it's 180 calories, but who's counting. no really, who? not me...(insert me thinking maybe i should here)!
get you some HERE (or go to your grocery store)


i've also tried some of the chadwick bay coconut water beverages! :) nom nom nom.


i couldn't find pictures of the ones that i have tried, but they are coconut water with peach mango flavor & the other is the coconut water with pinapple flavor... they are definitely 'different' tasting, but i must say that i don't hate 'em... i don't love 'em, but i don't hate 'em... and i am sure that i will purchase some nomnoms from them again!

-fat free
-cholesterol free
-lots of manganese & antioxidant vitamin c
-no artificial colors or flavors

my review? go get yourself some... at 70 calories for around $1, i suppose it's alrightsies!


something that adam remembers drinking when he was a kiddo, so of course we just had to get it is THIS:


he hehehehearts it! and it's $2 for this big kahuna container!


something else that isn't probably much 'healthier', or healthy at all is THIS:


i had 2 coupons & the store that i was at (good ol' fareway...because at fareway, you're family) had only 2 of the 3 flavors, so of course i just had to try both of them... i mean... 1/2 gallon of coffee for like $3... yeah, okay... i'll TRY it! but honestly... not that great... i don't remember what kind i tried this morning, but it wasn't all that & a bag of chips... who knows though, maybe i'll like it tomorrow... i just took one of those reusable glassthings with a lid + straw... filled it to the brim with ice & then poured some iced coffee (above) over it... it was okay, but definitely will not be a regular purchase... but worth trying. i'll keep you posted on the other flavaflav!!! 


propel isn't really anything new, but we've been-a-drinkin' that, too...
yeah, i had ANOTHER coupon... rawr! coupon machine!


get you some HERE (or go to your grocery store)

honestly, THIS has been a staple for quite some time now... husband is a HUGE fan... i used to make a pitcher, pour it into all the water bottles we had (so mister hubs could grab & take to work) & then just keep making pitchers until all of the water bottles we owned (which is a lot) were full & then i'd fill just ONE MORE pitcher to just keep in the fridge! i should again... plus, hubs lololoves drinking this right after hoopin' it up... yeah, i just said that.


get you some HERE (or go to your grocery store)


i can't think of anything else, but i'll keep you posted on THE DRINKING ADVENTURES OF A+J!!! :)

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