Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY trophies. awesome.

i have no idea who, what, when, where, or why i would use these, but i just lololove 'em. even without the handles, i think these glasses painted look just darling, darling!
party favors or even just flower pots -- oh the ideas are ENDLESS!

ENJOY, my pretties!



Trophies. they scream, look at me, i’m a winner, i’m number one. Well, let’s find a way to class ‘em up and replace the “team spirit” trophy your man brought home from his bowling league. just kidding… who’s in bowling leagues anymore?


Here’s what you’ll need:
- spray paint
- primer
- champagne coupes or little port glasses
- glue gun
- this magical material crayola likes to call model magic (like super lightweight clay)


Roll the “arms” of your trophy and shape so that the bottom curves and reaches to the stem of the glass. Wait overnight for your itty bitty foam arms to dry, then…


trim the edges so both arms are exactly the same, and glue to your glass.


Prep and paint.


Now use em.


Use as name card holders for a dinner, or fill with fun treats and supplies as party favors.
I know you gals are crafty and hot glue savvy, but i want to make sure i throw the disclaimer out there. Glass doesn’t like glue (if you find one that likes it, email me ok?). It sticks, but is not permanent. Grab those foam arms and you’re likely to have a spray painted champagne glass left if your hands. So handle carefully! and enjoy:)


SO... what would you do with these? ideas, people...IDEAS!
write me your "love BELOW"!

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