Monday, June 11, 2012

marc jacobs love.

i'm not much of a 'high-end brand'  snob. but i do have to admit i do enjoy the occasional splurge. and there are just some things that you get what you pay for...
 and i love every single one of these...they're rubber, so you can swim with 'em on & they look like cool chains. awesome.

i see an add-on to a Christmas list coming up!
but if i had to narrow it down, i'd stick with my staples: black, grey & ivory... i do have to say, i think i enjoy the ones in the right picture better. weird because i usually love brights... YEOW.


WANNA HEAR SOMETHING SAD? i can't find them on the actual website except for a bright pink... but i did find some on ZapposHERE:

ya know... now that i'm looking... i'm seeing a lot of marc jacobs that i'm enjoying. ugh oh.


and of course, where else would i have heard about these little beauties,

nothing wrong with a Christmas list in June,
your j

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