Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day!!! :)

Haaapy stinking fathers day, people!!! Stay tuned for an fathers day cupcake tutorial in a few days!!!

I made some scrumdidlyumpsious (clearly I cant spell that FAKE word... Wait... Is it fake? I don't even know, I suppose) PINK LEMONADE CUPCAKES that I can't wait to try tomorrow after lunch!

Ps, we're taking my parent out to my dads favorite, pizza ranch! Nom Nom Nom... It IS so delicious & of course is amazing to see the famILY!

Hope you all have a slam-bam fathers day! Don't forget to tell dad how much you love him!

And even though it's a 'hallmark holiday', it's NEVER a bad idea to spend a little extra time with your Heavenly Father thanking Him for all things in your life...

Loves to all you little pretties!!!
Your not-sleepy-at-whatever-time-it-is-pal!


he said, "the one with the guy & father's day! it doesn't even say happy father's day... that's funny!"

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