Wednesday, June 27, 2012

really, burger king?

i think this was at BK, but i never get frappe-like things at BK, only iced coffees (which are my FAVE beeteedubs)! but i am almost positive it was BK.
anywhoo... how gross does this look? it looks like poop...

all i can say is that THIS:
(picture taken with my phone)


does not look like THIS:


dear burger king,

first off, you got rid of my delicious FAVORITE steakhouse burger. i was legitamately upset with you (that may be indicitive of a problem on my part). and then, then you give me a coffee drink that looks like someone poo-ed on the top. really? it's not that hard, is it? i mean, swirl the chocolate thing around... problem solved.

a customer missing her steakhouse burger & wanting a frappe that doesn't look like a employee had a bowel movement on it

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