Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So... When we got up to Estes Park (I'll upload pictures of the who whole trip sometime), of course i found a place to do a little shopping! Yeah, of course!

And I found this amazing a-may-zang opal... I've always thought opals are absolutely amazing! So, when I found this awesome HANDMADE opal ring made of sterling silver, I wanted it. Husband said I needed a 'treat'...he's so sweet...and so I got it... I took loads of pictures in colorado so of course,I got one of my new ring... I'll get one up soon!

Until then, I'll leave you with yet ANOTHER post with rings that I heart!


this one i seriously lololove. i've been looking for a 'princess crown' ring that i love ever since i found this... once i find it, onto the Christmas list it goes.

i don't majorly adore these, but i do think that these are pretty funny/clever...

this is just awesome... i mean, i don't think that i would ever have enough patience to use the stamp, but it is a cool 'novelty' gift... :) 

i think this one is super cool... if i lived in a major city, i would want one resembling that city... for sheezy peezy. however, i am concerned that the edges would hurt. as long as they rounded them, it'd be good, otherwise OUCH! :(

THIS ONE. this one tickles my fancy LOTS. and i do love the picture... it's getting ready to 'take off'... i love it. it would probably get in the way, so DEFINITELY not an 'everyday' ring... 

grouped together, these look very dark... very very dark... separated, i think that many of them would add a bit of charm to your outfit... :) :) :) 

love. love. love.

now, if i was big into cards, this would be a MUST for my outfit! :) 


i would like one...or two...or 5 of each please & thanks.


i think these vintagey gold rings are b...eeee.aaa.utiful! i would like one of each of these as well!!!


without further ado, the ring that inspired a post about RINGS! :) 

isn't that purday? i guess it's australian opal in sterling silver... i think the cool things about it that give it character are:

1. i got it on estes mountain.
2. on the inside it has 'nel j' stamped on it (i assume who made it).
3. there will not be another one identical to it.

i don't know how many times i've told my family, "look, guys! it looks like i'm wearing glitter on my hand!" eek.

i love glitter: 
CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME: http://jacieland.blogspot.com/2012/04/supercutestory.html

xs os & loves,

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