Tuesday, June 26, 2012

leggings I fancy rockin'...

leggings, (or 'leggins' as my buddy, bailey, calls 'em) how i love thee. let me count thy ways.


1. ones that look like duck tape. i have NEVER seen them, but love them. however, for me to be able to rock 'em... they are going to have to be extremely loose spandex... because otherwise the chunkers (thighs) will be fallin' out everywhere... and that is NOT attractive. *insert giggles here*

2. LACE. i may have to go to goodwill & find a pair of 80's washed denim & do this to them... isn't that cool-looking? thought so!

3. of course, leopard paired with worn jeans. enough said.

4. worn denim leggings. i love 'em. especially the ones on the right.

5. floral print. i love these. and i especially lololove that the legs are two different colors. anything that gives 'em just a little unique flare, i'm on board with!

6. have i told you of my love for buttons?
see HERE: http://jacieland.blogspot.com/2012/03/lovely-weekend.html

7. i bought these! as soon as i wear 'em, i will put a picture up; the thing is it's just been WAY to hot for anything besides tanks & short... seriously. plus, i sweat in winter, so jean leggings in 100 degree weather = very bad for mesies... BUT, i got the ones in the center from target... **drumroll please** for under $7... yup, that's right - BAM! i got 'em in the junior's clearance section on a fluke. i had seen them at pacsun a few weekends back, but didn't get 'em, but for $7, i 'needed' 'em, right? haha.

8. studded jeans. studded EVERYTHING. how i do love these for a rocker look. but i would wear higher boots! and more studs on the front! then, then they'd really be perfect!
see more studs HERE: http://jacieland.blogspot.com/2012/05/you-stud-you.html
9. bows. i love bows. girlyness. have i told you? anyways, i like these... i wouldn't pay a bunch for these, but i certainly like 'em... they could either be very very very trashy, or very cute. just depends what you pair 'em with... i lililike 'em though!
see more bows HERE: http://jacieland.blogspot.com/2012/04/bows.html

10. black jeggings. you guys. listen. i got the BEST deal on jeggings. i'm not kidding. husband & i had to drop the puppies off on our way to colorado with mommy-in-law... we met at an outlet mall where they had a tommy hilfiger outlet. BAM. okay, so they had these black jeggings for like $50. no, thanks. on sale for $12.99...okay, now you're talking. how about an EXTRA 70% OFF? sold. so, i got a pair of tommy hilfiger black jeggings for under $4 before tax! after tax they were a little over $4 (i kept the receipt incase you don't believe me)... YEOW. see #7 for why i haven't worn 'em yet... i will though... my only dilemma, now? how to get back up there & get a 2nd pair, so i can rip them & have some 'worn' ones like in the second pic...

don't buy yours here (go to an outlet), but go here to see how good of a deal i gotsies: http://usa.tommy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thb2cus/sale/PANTS-SHORTS-WOMEN-SALE/7612637?Color=BLACK

well, there you have it... 10 fabulous reasons i love leggings & jeggings!

have a legging-rific day!


  1. So cute but I'm a bit larger hourglass so i don't think they would flatter me. I so easily see them with a flowy top and blazer and booties, and rocker accessories! stylish legwear

    1. me, too! there is no NO way that i am able to pull them off unless i'm wearing my boots in the winter time! seriously! i lololove the blazer/booties look! HOORAY for fashion! :)


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