Monday, June 11, 2012

so thankful.

i say it all the time. but i still don't think that's enough sometimes.
i will never be able to quantify or express fully the amount of love, gratitude & everything else that goes along with my love for adam.

looking back at those 'first loves (saying 'love' in regards to past relationships is comical; i don't even like saying that because love is not the word for first relationships, but i don't know how else to put it...)', a summer fling, a random kiss, or whatever your situation is, i can't even imagine going back. what adam & i have is a Godly love, not worldly love...and back in the day, i couldn't really tell the difference, sadly or at least didn't want to acknowledge it... but it truly does make you look back, smile...maybe even laugh & just shake your head & roll your eyes at how silly you were; how naive you were; and how thankful you are for who & what you have now. by God's grace, He takes our past sins, past failures, past disappointments & can turn them into something so beautiful; something so wonderful for His glory.


sure, adam & i have had discussions about previous relationships... but we now look back & make jokes on them. they are uncomparibleto anything that adam & i share. it's funny...when you're in the moment, you think you could never be with anyone else... until you fastforward 5 years down the road when you're married to the actual man of your dreams & you know that this is what love is. you know God has put His hand over your marriage & anything is possible with the THREE of you.

praying for you & your relationships,
adam & jacie

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