Wednesday, June 13, 2012

isn't there something just charming & old fashioned about a picnic?
OH, i can't even count times adam & i have had discussions about living back in these 'old fashioned' times.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me i am not the only one in the world who remembers their mom having one of these bad boys?


perhaps one of THESE:


OH COME ON! no?! liar. :)

how about THESE:


these are really the only two things that i remember about our 'picnic supplies'... now, i'm sure there was more, i just can't place it... and i never really remember going on an actual 'picnic', while im sure that we did. i mostly remember these things being used for 'sports banquets', 'family roadtrips', or trips to a themepark or something.

ah, i wish i remembered every.single.thing from my childhood.

i wish i remembered playing with my brothers. hanging out... playing old school nintendo, going outside, etc etc... i remember some things, but sure not as many as i'd like! you know what?! i should totally do a post about stories i remember! someday, perhaps!

i think it's time to plan a picnic,
your j


  1. I'm pretty sure my mom STILL has one of those :) And I want it. And I want to attach it to the back of my bike. Then go have picnics :) Lovely!

    1. WHAT A LOVELY IDEA! on the back of a bike with handlebars that curl back to almost behind you... perhaps a little silver bell on the front! oh, good times. i wanna come! count hubs & i INSIES!


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