Wednesday, June 27, 2012


have you ever had a horseshoe?
if you haven't, you should. they are amazing. seriously.
i'm not saying they're good for you, because i'm certain they're not... but your taste buds will enjoy being tickled.
the one that i had looks wayyy better & that was made by my sister & brother! nom nom nom...
here's what you do (i'll have to get exact quantites later):
-thaw hamburger & brown it.
-get french fries
-get nacho/liquid cheese
-make toast
throw 'em all together. yum.

i made these tonight... bad decision... i don't know... maybe because it is LITERALLY (no, im serious) 98 degrees in our apartment & the heat + a big pile of crap makes me feel icky, or maybe i just didn't make em right... or maybe, just maybe it's because i burned the french fries... or quite possibly it's because the bread i had was MOLDY, so i had to throw it away & use hotdog buns... 

it could be any of these things. 


anyways, i have had them before AND they can be amazing! :) i promise.

running to the bathroom now,
your jacie

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