Saturday, June 30, 2012


even though i am still sick (seriously, i sounded like a frog today), i have quite a few etsy orders that need my attention, not to mention getting stuff around for an awesome feature on Mommys Craft Obsession!!! whoopy mc whoop! 

And since I learned at Blissful and Domestic that i should combine 'errand trips' into ONE, that's what i am trying to do TODAY! :) actually, i just need to take pop cans back. seriously. we have a HUGE trash can full & some bags. it should total a whopping $10 or so... i'll keep you posted. so, off to the post office for etsy orders & 'guest STAR (haha) appearances', & getting some money honey (from cans - BAM!)

lotsa lovies & warm fuzzies, 
your j


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