Sunday, June 10, 2012

onepieces for jillybean.

first off, i don't have a baby. yet. are you still able to have a baby bump with no baby? i kid, of course... but i do have a few extra pounds i'm a chugga-luggin' around. and while i have ample amounts of swimsuits in a drawer tucked away, i stil lololooove these & simply HAVE to keep them in mind for the day when/if i have more 'baby tattoos' (ps, i love it that she calls stretch marks after baby that). let's face it...we're girls & while we may have contentment, we can still be super self-concious.

actually, this past weekend, myself, husband, brother, sister & nieces took a little tripsee-poo-poo to the mall of america. awesome. we were looking for nothing in particular, but jillybean had mentioned the need to a new swimsuit. she's had two beautiful babies (& maybe more someday), but needs some new swimming gear. please let me note here that she is one hot mama (is that wierd to say about your sister-in-law? oh well...), and like i said before... content, but sometimes you just want a little more coverage. i have a few other friends who just feel more comfortable not showing off their 'baby tattoos' and decide to rock the more modest one piece or tankini... nothing wrong with that... especially when they make 'em as cute as you're about to seesies!

anyways, found this post... these swimsuits & lololove most of them. hello swimsuit season!

01 off the shoulder tank 10 Swimsuits Perfect for Post Baby Bods! Off-the-shoulder tank 
i actuallly super duper love this one -- in a different color, but i still love. the rusching is AMAZING! honestly, the one shoulder + ruschingreminds me of my wedding dress. lovely. i remember in church camp/missions trips, we weren't allowed to wear a 2-piece. adam & i have briefly discussed the idea of missions trips & if we ever end up going, i need WANT this one. the only not-cool thing, you ask? i don't know if i should really pay over $100 for it... stupid statement... i know i shouldn't pay that much...
here's the deal... all MOST of my swimsuits are the cheap CHEAP ones on the 'after season' racks from Victoria's Secret... SERIOUSLY, people... they have some INTENSE deals... i'm talking $3 tops & $3 bottoms... what a steal for suit, right? i think i bought one 'full price' from tarrrjaaaaay (TARGET) for a total around $30, but hey... what can i say... me love coupons, remember?
like this one, too... unforunately, this thing would have no support & i would look 92 from the chesticle area (i mean, not that there's anything wrong with 92 year olds... you know what... forget about it... i'm digging a hole)...let's just say there's not enought support & there's a fear that it might fall down.
love these cute litte innocent polka dots. for realsies. this swimsuit is ADORABLE. so cute. who wouldn't feel all 'cutesy' in this?! AH! the only sad things about anthro swimsuits is the the pricetag... acutally, now that i'm thinking about it, the pricetag on anthro-ANYTHING is quite insane.
i think this one is anthropologie as well... i saw the front of it & it pretty much goes up to your neck. okay, that might be an exaggeration, but's high. i'm not advocating all your chest junk (i just made myself smile -- that sounds gross) hang out, but i think your shoulders & collarbone getting sun is necessary OKAY! :) and this one must not be their 2012 line because it's not on their site?! i don't know. sigh. WAIT! maybe that means it's not actually $200! :) i think it is so charming & cute. the light pink lace & vintage buttons. oh so cute. A-TO-THE-MAYYYY-ZAAAANG! pow!
lololoooove both of these. i'm not sure where the first one is from, but i think it is everything perfect about a vintage darling. except i would be needing the halter strap for sure! it is a nice option to be able to take it off if you're laying out of something... and same thing with the second one (juicy couture)... i lololove it! VINTAGEY & SAILOR... love me some nautical looks. hmmm, i see more inspiration for another post!
oooooooooor instead of spending TOO much money on a unneccesary swimsuit, check out the super-cutesey CHEAP 'NAUTICAL/SAILOR' themed necklace i found on sale
haha. awesome. that's all... even though i don't think jill would be caught DEAD! i'd rock it! :) BAM.
ps, i'd pay maybe $5 for this... no more...maybe. :)
going to a picnic, much? i lololove.
this one is small, but SO cute... there i go again with that rousching!
like this. think it's cute. there's some i like more, but this is functional & SIMPLE & cutesy!
anywhoo, now that i've got you thinking... i'm going to sign of now... actually, maybe next week i'll find some that are more practical & afordable for your wallet... or atleast mine! :)
stay tuned!
loves to the YOU, bam!

i likey this one, toosies... :) meow.
breaking news... sent this blog post to my sista before i posted it & got this response from her. sigh. so cute.
Love it. : )  And though I can appreciate that cute lion... you're right.. I would totally feel silly.

I really like the one shoulder one and found this one too...

which I really like, but you buy bottoms separate, so we're looking at closer to 30 without shipping/etc..... but that's not too bad... still thinking : ) 

See you later, gator, 

J to the ILL


  1. I like these. A lot. I think I want to look into one for this season. I just don't like feeling naked!

    And hello, new reader :)

    1. freya! how darling are these?! i know... i know... many swimsuits are literally a fabric sample square! cover the goodies, girls! i must admit, i have some that should probably should be retired, but when it's just hubs & i in the pool -- who care, right? :)

      thank you for the warm welcome! :) hehe.


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