Thursday, June 7, 2012

i want canDAY!

there are just TOO many cute pictures of awesome stuff for me NOT TO share. 
plus, i'm hungry. like, really hungry.


how cute are these pictures? "SO" should be your answer... lololove them. for sheezay. i love bright pictures. especially of cool treats! so fun.


for our wedding, i had an idea of doing this. we just already had soooo much stuff going on & already some good take-home favors, so this just didn't happen. BUT, i love this idea and WILL be having something like this at a child's birthday party! nom nom nom. ps, my secret will be DOLLAR TREE! they have lots of nomnoms for hey...A DOLLAR! :) bam.


hahaha. i love this. it reminds me of adam. weird, right? no. let me explain... everytime that i fix food for adam, i take a bite out of it first. in 100% honestly, i used to do this when we were dating because i wanted to make sure it tasted good before i gave it to him. then, it just sort of became a cutesy thing that 'we do'... one time, i baked him a whole plate of cookies & left them on the counter with bites out of each one. i even took a picture; i'll have to find it. cute. just another little way to say, "love you & thinking of you...!" anyways, plus... this picture is...THAT'S RIGHT...COLORFUL. and of course, the one that has a bite out of it is PINK & different. deep. think about that! :)


taste the rainbow.


this. i want this. i need this. i need to own this. look at those tables. look at those chairs. look at those suckers. the bunny. the dots. i cannot tell you how happy i am looking at this picture. iowa, here comes THIS candy store (i wish).

morale of the story: i love candy.
plus, i know this post will make jill extatic.



  1. I am loving the candy posts for sure....and thinking I should run to the store for some of those M&M's! Or skittles.....or anything! : )
    Stay tuned for a rainbow birthday for one of my girls... : )

    1. JILLYBEAN! make sure you grab some for me at the game TONIGHT! :) haha, aren't they just dar-to-the-LING. are you seriously seeing the candy store? too bad we didn't see one at Mall of America... we could have spent ALL day there. next time.

  2. we share a similiar love!! ha And I'd love to do a segment on your blog! Email me at and we can talk more about it! xoxoxo

    1. you just MUST check your email NOWSIES! :)


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