Tuesday, June 19, 2012

something(s) husband wants...badly.

most days when we go to hyvee, fareway, or any other grocery store for that matter, adam is not thrilled. for one, he hates... loathes... despises... and any other word like this... grocery shopping. when we first met, adam would grocery shop like this:
.spend hours seeing if there was possibly ANYTHING AT ALL that he could scrounge together in his cupboard.
.once he found out the only other option was the frozen gravy packets in his freezer, he'd get up & go.
.get in his car & drive a few blocks to sam's club (sweating perfusely & dreading this trip the whole time).
.get out, stand outside of sam's club thinking maybe those gravy packets wouldn't be so bad after all.
.finally walk in.
.grab the 5 items nearest to him (in sam's club, they're like 50-pack quantities).
.get to the check out with a pack of 50 hotdogs, a gallon of peanut butter, 25 gallons of suave shampoo, 500 fish sticks & toilet paper... or some random combination.
.this would be when he realizes he still has no suitable combination to eat.
then, one fine day... he meets this wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny, talented, etc etc neighbor girl, ME! :)
from then on, i will be the one doing his grocery shopping WITH COUPONS and having a good time! and even after a few years, he is used to going with me & he doesn't get such anxiety anymore... :) one fine grocery shopping trip, husband saw THIS and just had to have it. unfortunately, the only problem was our 2-bedroom apartment that is already full of stuff with no room for this beauty... not to mention the $699 price tag for a football helmet chair. oh how i wish on days like these we'd have a house. don't get me wrong... i am VERY content with our living arrangement, but i wanted to get that chair for him so badly... and hey, it was $50 off! can't beat that! :)
***picture in hyvee my hubs took!***


(i kid, i kid, i kid, i kid)

when we do have a house, we will definitely be looking for one of these... i told him he could have the basement & it will be decked out... i mean, TO THE NINES, in hawkeye stuff! EEK, i'm excited... i want to paint the walls! it will be a 'classy' hawkeye basement... :)
***sidenote, husband thinks i overuse the word 'classy'...***
he's probably not wrong... anywho, do you know anyone who wants to get rid of hawkeye stuff? we'll take it off their hands... seriously, anything.
a girly hawkeye
OOH OOH, we've been looking for folding chairs... and guess what other goodies i foundsies?
GET 'EM HERE: www.kazzoinks.com
this is SO cool... i am pretty sure this guy is from johnston, iowa... AWESOMENESS! and i want to say that i found his stuff on etsy, too... it's pricey, but oh-so-cute!!! "someday when we have kids..." i will have to have brotherbear make me somesies -- he just doesn't know it, yet! :)
    product image 
don't all these just look like they'd be wonderful in our home or garage or lawn?
i thought so, too!

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