Thursday, June 7, 2012


i this idea and WILL be doing it! :)
check. it. out.
without further ado, may i present to you

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Getting a real mani is great, but what about in between? Quite often we’re stuck waiting for friends, appointments or whatever pause button the day might push. I love having this little mani-on-the-go kit for when life puts me on hold. It’s just smart and you’ll never be caught heading into a meeting with crusty cuticles again! To be honest, I keep two– one in the console of my car and one in my purse. Of course you can buy a mani kit, but the last time I checked, a nail file + fingernail clippers just don’t do the trick. Here are the 7 greatest things to pack in an empty sunglass case to keep your nails looking fancy on the regular… (click each item for links)
xs & os & more xs & os,

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