Monday, June 18, 2012

happy monday!

happy monday!
isn't this cute/funny... sometimes it is just so hard to get up monday... or any day for that matter. especially when you have a cute-pa-tootie husband like mine laying next to you!
oh wellsies, i'm blessed to have another day!
happy monday!


  1. I'm worst in the morning when I have to get up before Jacob. I also thinks its crazy on days I have off, I can get up early with no problem! Why is that?!

    1. is jacob the boyfriend? i am seriously THE WORST at mornings...i know what you mean... it's like your body is programmed to get up early or something and all you want to do is sleep... UCK. see, the deal with me is...the puppies always wake us up early & then we have to try & fall back to this Sunday, i just got up & made breakfast before church because i knew there was no way i was gunna fall back asleep!


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