Thursday, June 21, 2012

lurve this ideasies.

i think this idea ROCKS. maybe a DIY. sigh.
oh, someday, perhaps. maybe by the time i'm 51 or 52.

call me a thief.

happy wednesday.
i thought i'd share a little project on the blog today.
i don't share {or do} a lot of diy's, thanks to my busy schedule.
however, yesterday i was feeling awfully crafty-
and the leisure summertime allowed me to create something fun.
i totally stole this idea from one of my best friends, 
and would link it to her blog if she had one. {hint, hint}
it's time to get your craft on,
and create a fun, inexpensive and adorable calendar! 

"call me a thief":
that title relates to the fact, that i made this project for a grand total of $3.
{pretty impressive, right? so cheap and so cute!}

what you will need:
1. paint samples {usually free! i got mine at home depot}
2. a lovely picture frame! {this one was on sale at Michael's for $3}
3. dry erase marker.
4. of course you will need the essentials: scissors and glue.

1. simply pick out your paint samples and colors. {six colors in total}
i chose to do an "ombre" look, however mixed colors are darling too!
2. trim to the size you want your boxes.
3. paste onto a solid white piece of paper the size of your frame.
4. on top of the picture frame's class, using a dry erase maker:
 label the month, days, and events you have going on that month.
5. ta-da! that's it. now, go hang it in your cute home!

so simple, and you'll feel like a thief too.
creating a project for $3 is a complete steal, if you ask me!
plus- it's a craft that keeps on giving.
all you have to do, is erase it when the month is over,
and you'll have a brand new calendar for the next month! 

p.s. sorry for the low quality photo's- lovebird has our camera back home with him.
also, don't mind my ugly hand writing- i simply just jotted a few things
down to show you an example. i've obviously got some touching up to do! 


  1. Replies
    1. tell me about it! oh the things you can do with paper paint board samples! see, this is why i keep everything! :)


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