Wednesday, June 27, 2012

haircut soon!

after being in colorado & swimming a few different days, my husband brought it to my attention that my hair was green. GREEN. ugh. so, my hair has needed cut for a while now... i totally TOTALLY ruined (understatement) it like 2 winters ago by using



i'll spare you the 'product review' at this point... anyways, seriously RUINED my hair... i've been working so hard to get my goldy locks soft & healthy again... and they were getting there... until i did my hair myself... then it decided to get all stringy & spagetti-like every.single.time it got wet. so, i'm just going to cut it. it's pretty bad, again. especially after i went swimming... it's like only the bottom half has a 'greenish tint'... so weird, so my buddy, bailey, is coming over soon to CHOP.IT.OFF. i'm probably not going to like it... not because bailey, but because i will miss my long hair. i was going to start growing it out again, but that will just have to wait... 
but hey, that's why we have extentions, right...?!



i like this, but i just don't know if it will get all the nasty, unhealthy hair...?!


i pretty much like all this girl's hair-doos... but will it look as cute on me as her? now that's a good question... eek.
like i said before, just rock it, right?

i just need to be content with whatever! atleast God gave me hair! :)


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